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CyScope is a specialized cybersecurity solution that includes a platform and two types of services which can be executed and centralized through it, offering advanced Pentesting as a Service and Bug Bounty services. Our services are designed to identify security vulnerabilities in systems and applications, helping companies protect their data and digital assets.

What is Pentesting as a Service?

Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS) is a continuous security assessment that allows companies to detect and fix vulnerabilities in their systems and applications in real-time. We offer:

  • External and internal penetration testing
  • Web and mobile application testing
  • Cloud security assessments
  • Network and infrastructure system testing

What is Bug Bounty?

The Bug Bounty program is an initiative where we reward researchers and ethical hackers for finding and reporting vulnerabilities in our clients' systems. This program enables the rapid and efficient identification of security flaws.



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